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    Forum Rules MUST READ


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    Forum Rules MUST READ Empty Forum Rules MUST READ

    Post  Kroton on Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:44 am

    Welcome to the forum!

    We pride ourselves on having a more relaxed atmosphere and encourage constructive criticism and discussion.
    The views of persons posting, comments and statements are the views of those individuals. We do not necessarily share their views and the views expressed are not endorsed by us. We are not affiliated with any manufacturers or copyright holders, and hence unfavourable constructive criticism will not be edited if factually supported.

    Do not use abusive language.

    Do not arrange to meet with any members of the forum.

    Do not give out your private email address or any other personal details especially if it includes any credit card or monetary details.

    Please respect other members and the moderators.

    If you are under the age of 16 then please get adult permission to use this forum. We cannot be held liable if any parents become enraged due to a ban, misbehaviour or any other offences and that you have not asked clearance.

    Accounts are limited to one per user if a user if found to have two one shall be suspended and the other deleted.

    To prevent account abuse, Proxy servers are not permitted on the forum. If you commit any of these offences then you will first be banned for 1 week, then two, then 3 until you get an immediate ban.

    Enjoy the forum! Thank You

    Forum Administrator

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